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NEMO Adopts Texbase

NEMO Equipment Adopts Texbase

NEMO Equipment is an award-winning designer of outdoor gear and accessories that are built to improve the experience of adventure. NEMO uses Texbase to ensure that their high levels of quality standards are met.

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2020 Fall News

2020 Fall News

What a crazy 2020 it's been! Here at Texbase we've been busy releasing new features including Dashboards 2.0 and our new Testing Accelerator program, as well as welcoming a slew of new customers.

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New Release Testing Accelerator

Texbase Releases Testing Accelerator Program

Accelerate your ability to test and manage lab data with the Texbase Testing Accelerator program. The features of Texbase Materials & Testing combined with testing capabilities of third-party labs to create an integrated solution for lab test data management.

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Texbase Releases SPC Charting

SPC Charting in the latest version of Texbase creates X-Bar and R-Bar charts with Histograms. Gain new insights into your lab data to determine process capability and control limits.

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Global Fabric Library

Generate new sales leads, provide real-time access to customers and empower your sales and marketing teams

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Fall 2019 Newsletter

The new Fall 2019 version of Texbase delivers more great features for searching, reporting and data visualization. The latest release of our Global Fabric Library is now mobile compatible and powers the largest collection of recycled fabrics in the world . Our webinar series continues and our 2020 User Conference has been announced.

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Texbase Releases Advanced Find

Advanced Find provides robust options for search queries. Users create views of data that meet the requested criteria and then save those searches for themselves and others.

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Spring 2019 Newsletter

March 2019 updates include Component Connect release and simplification of the user interface, in-application support icons and enhanced search functionality.

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Component Connect Card

Texbase Launches Component Connect

Component Connect allows trim and component teams to eliminate trading emails, templates and PDFs with suppliers in order to collect required fields of information on new and updated trims or components.

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News Card Spring News Copy

Fall 2018 Newsletter

Check out the 2018 Recap of new features and user interface enhancements that improve supply chain collaboration and accelerate data collection. This newsletter also highlights how Ingredient Brands are leveraging Texbase, launches a new set of Executive Series Videos, and shines the Customer Spotlight on Unifi, Inc.

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Texbase Recap of 2018 New Releases, Enhancements & Collaboration Tools

2018 has been a year of continued growth and innovation here at Texbase. We've continued to release exciting new features and user interface enhancements that improve supply chain collaboration and accelerate data collection. Lab Test Data Importer is one example that uses spreadsheets to efficiently collect testing data from anywhere in the supply chain.

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Sourcing Journal Editorial: How to Avoid the Compliance Speed Trap

Fail to test, and you could end up with finished goods not fit for stores. Fail to communicate raw materials test results, and you’ll likely find yourself retesting goods at the end of the process. As the focus on speed has heightened, companies have become more aware of the need to handle compliance differently.

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Texbase Announces Data Integration with Independent Testing Labs.

Now independent testing labs are able to integrate directly with Texbase to transfer field-level data electronically. This eliminates duplicate data entry, reduces errors and empowers customers to analyze data that would have previously been locked in pdf’s and emails.

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Spring 2018 Newsletter

Texbase customers are connecting in exciting new ways with their labs and supply chain. Check out our Free Trial for new Connect suppliers, the newly released Lab Test Data Importer and learn about our recent integration with Bureau Veritas.

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Texbase Delivers a new tool for rapid lab test data entry

Lab Test Data Importer allows for hundreds of tests to be generated in minutes, which is key for production lab data where multiple lots are being submitted at once.

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Texbase Offers a Free Trial for Texbase Connect Suppliers

The free trial for new suppliers provides a risk-free way for supply chain partners to experience the benefits and comprehensive functionality of Texbase Connect.

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Fall 2017 Newsletter

Texbase Launches New Community Portal and Videos On Demand, Breaks Paradigms on Innovation and Quality, and places the Customer Spotlight on L.L.Bean.

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CP Image in Monitor

Texbase Releases New "Community Portal" Enabling Customers to Connect with fellow users.

The "Community Portal" will allow users to continue conversations and empower additional collaboration throughout the Texbase community.

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News Card Summer

Summer 2017 Newsletter

Texbase User Conference, New Releases, New Professional Subscription Plan & Customer Spotlight: Volcom

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Discussions Screen Shot

Texbase Releases 'Discussions' - an Integrated Supply Chain Communications Tool

The Summer 2017 version of Texbase is out and it contains a great new feature called Discussions. Now you can keep all your communication in Texbase.

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Texbase Delivers New Subscription Plan aimed at Small Businesses, Departmental Groups and First-Time Users

The Texbase Pro Plan offers immediate access to Texbase Materials, Testing, Color, Compliance and Connect with flexible monthly or annual subscription terms.

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Texbase User Conference - Acceleration 2017 Recap!

"I always enjoy the Texbase conference. It's a chance for brands to come together and share ideas. Every year I make valuable connections." -2017 Attendee

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Spring 2017 Newsletter

Travel & Trends, Testing Webinar and Upcoming Events

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FIT's HUE Magazine article Featuring Texbase

Texbase Founder and FIT Graduate, Joe Walkuski, is featured in FIT's HUE magazine.

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texbase logo centered

Fall 2016 Newsletter

A new logo, a new partnership and a new Texbase release

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