• Child's Play

    13 Sep
    category:  QUALITY posted by Eric Rathbun

    Let’s role play!

    CEO: “Has product xyz been tested?”

    Director of Quality: “Uh, when do you need an answer?”

    CEO: “Now.”

    Director of Quality: “Gulp.”

    Seem a little dramatic?  Maybe so.  Regardless, we hear the following question more often than not from our leading children brand and retail prospects: “Can TEXbase help me deliver specific testing information (accurately and efficiently) to my leadership team?”  Forget about how TEXbase efficiently delivers the supporting testing documentation (which, ironically, is typically the second question we’ll get from our customers).

    This focus on testing data isn’t all that shocking.  If ...

  • Great job! Now do better...

    28 Jun
    category:  TEXbase For You posted by Eric Rathbun

    Good job!

    As leading retail & consumer products companies continue to navigate through the recent retail doldrums, it comes as no surprise that successfully managing margins is critical. Margins are being choked from growing input costs such as material, labor, energy, and other production costs.  Combine this with consolidation in the industry (which makes creating operational efficiencies much more challenging) along with private-label competition displacing national branded products and the big boys have a challenge.  Where do they pass these costs along?

    In this environment, and in the recent top 100 retailer engagements we've been involved in, we’re repeatedly seeing companies strive ...

  • Massif Mountain Gear Wins Apparel Magazine Top Innovator Award

    25 May
    category:  General posted by Eric Rathbun

    Apparel Top Innovators

    Apparel Magazine published its 4th annual Top Innovators issue earlier this month and we're pleased to see that TEXbase customer Massif Mountain Gear is on the list. Profiles of these winners highlight their ingenuity in overcoming challenges, their willingness to adapt to change and their flair for tapping into consumer desires in a highly competitive global marketplace.  Needless to say, we're not surprised they're being recognized!  Here's the article in its entirety:

    Retrieved from: 2011 Apparel's Top Innovative Report

    Over the past decade, Massif Mountain Gear Company has transformed the look and feel of flame-resistant clothing with innovative fabrics and forward-thinking ...

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