Texbase for Suppliers & Vendors

Accelerate Speed of Product Adoption

Texbase Connect is used by many major brands and suppliers around the globe. It is simple to use and eliminates the need for email and spreadsheets, allowing for a faster response to your customer requests and queries.

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Ship with Confidence

You do so much work to ensure you have engineered compliance into your product. Centralizing and managing the data behind it is key to shipping with confidence. Texbase’s simple to configure testing protocols and standardized testing measures real-time calculations while managing quality and testing history.

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Automated Processes to Test Against Specifications

Intelligent specification templates define performance and establish social and regulatory tolerances for raw materials and finished products. Automation tools such as Auto Evaluation and Electronic signatures help reduce cost and increase your speed to market.

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Hear From Our Customers

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"Using Texbase is really easy, our mill partners tend to agree that once they are able to onboard with Texbase and use the Connect site, it really is much easier than the old method of sending reports and using Excel spreadsheets."

Jennifer Stott, Operations Manager – Performance Fabrics

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