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Supply Chain Mapping



Supply Chain Mapping

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Supply Chain Mapping

Product development teams are under constant pressure to innovate while also reduce costs. To do this effectively it is imperative to maintain strategic relationships to manage the always shifting supply chain landscape and regulatory requirements. Texbase’s Supply Chain Mapping tool makes it easy to manage and maintain visibility throughout every tier of the supply chain and can be defined across a variety of dimensions including companies, fabrics, components or products.

Supplier Onboarding

Texbase Connect makes it easy to onboard the companies in your supply chain, creating  a secure platform for all of your development and production communication. This creates a system of record for your supply chain that's accessible by your teams allowing for the necessary tracking of communications from concept to commercialization.

Document Broadcast

Once companies and contacts have been onboarded, Texbase’s broadcasting tools allow you to easily distribute product standards and other important documents through Texbase Connect, eliminating the need for tracking emails and pdf documents. Communication of process changes and training documents for product development, production and operations can be distributed as well as important Social Responsibility and Compliance notifications and announcements. These broadcasts are easily tracked and are accompanied by the option to require an e-signatures when desired, which is especially helpful with legal agreements such as Non-Disclosure Agreements, Restricted Substance Lists and Supplier Declarations.


Easily collect information from your supply chain with a simple survey. Texbase collects the information from your customizable questions just as easily as third party survey tools, however when using Texbase Surveys, the information is stored in that company’s record history.

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