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Certification and Application Management Icon

Manage Applications for Certification

(Including Renewals & Audits)

Automate your process for accepting Applications for Certification. Whether its for fiber, yarn, fabrics, components or finished products, your custom Cert Portal captures the data you need and helps your customers manage the certified products they're producing.

Certificate Validator Icon


(Is it real?)

Online validation forms follow your business logic to provide immediate "Valid" or "Not Valid" feedback to anyone who needs to verify the authenticity of your certifications.

Collateral Management Icon

Collateral Management

(Both Physical & Digital)

Simplify and control how customers access, search and order branded collateral (hang tags, etc) in both physical and digital formats. Use the order management and inventory controls within Texbase to process and track current and historical orders.

Trademark License Agreements Icon

Trademark License Agreements

(Collaborative Document Management)

Manage your TMLA's using automated document management and electronic signing features that control access to collateral materials based on valid agreements. Receive and approve/deny graphics associated with certified products.

Custom Certificate Tracking Icon


(Eliminates Manual Processes)

No two certification systems are equal. Every supplier or ingredient brand has their own business rules and certification requirements. Let us help you automate process flow allowing you to scale in a way that builds and protects brand integrity while ensuring data integrity.

Global Library Integration Icon

Global Library Integration

(Market Your Certified Products)

Cert Portals + Texbase + Global Libraries equals an end-to-end solution that reduces the cost of managing a certification process and works to build market share by communicating certified product information to current and potential customers.

bolted to Texbase

Bolted onto Texbase

(Providing Seamless Integration)

The main data store behind a Cert Portal is your instance of Texbase. Use our 20 years of industry experience to build mindshare and increase market share for your products knowing that your data is secure when stored in our industry-leading database.


Texbase Hosted and Maintained

(No IT Required)

Certification and Marketing Portals are custom web applications that are integrated into your website but are hosted by Texbase and are skinned to match your corporate branding requirements.

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How our customers are using Texbase Certification & Marketing Portals
OEKO-TEX Global Library


See how OEKO-TEX® has partnered with Texbase to create the OEKO-TEX® CertLink platform and the OEKO-TEX® Global Library. Both are services to OEKO-TEX® customers and institutes that provide a link between OEKO-TEX® certificates and the materials and finished products that OEKO-TEX® customers produce.

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UNIFI®, INC. Certification and Marketing Portal

See how Unifi uses Texbase to manage their global certification data, capture supply chain information and share certified fabrics through an online library.

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