Texbase for Brands & Retailers

Increase Turn Time of Innovative Material Concepts

When it comes to Material Innovation and Testing, Texbase provides tools that PLM and ERP systems don’t. Given the long lead times that our industry is famous for, it’s critically important that R&D projects are executed in the shortest time possible.

Texbase accelerates the process of turning innovative material science concepts into commercialized fabrics. Texbase Materials provides the raw material, components, and fabric libraries needed to clearly define material attributes.


Ship with Confidence

Easily Maintain Performance, Regulatory, and Chemical Compliance with Texbase.

Texbase Testing captures the data that confirms physical properties and breaks that information into individual data points so you can spend less time managing data and more time learning from it. By speeding the transfer of data through the development process, you can get to market faster.

Engineering compliance into the material innovation stage ensures your product will ship on time. With Texbase, you'll have the results in one place and the confidence to ship.


Connect with Suppliers & Labs

Texbase Connect, which is included in all Texbase subscriptions, simplifies the product creation and testing process by allowing global suppliers and labs to share and update information in a secure Texbase portal. This expedites the materials and testing process and eliminates the need for email and manual transfer of information, resulting in improved accuracy, communication and facilitates a faster response to your customer requests and queries.

Texbase Infographic

Hear From Our Customers


"PrimaLoft® had the need to increase turnaround from development to the commercialization stage. It’s really critical for PrimaLoft that while most of our technical team is in Asia working with our onsite factories that the team in New York can access the data instantaneously."

Jennifer Stott, Operations Manager – Performance Fabrics


"The team at Texbase was knowledgeable and flexible, providing a solution that works for our specific needs."

Patrick Welch, Physical Testing & Product Safety Manager

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