Texbase Release: SPC Charting

May 7, 2020

Bozeman, Montana (October 1, 2019) – Texbase, Inc., a cloud-based data management and collaboration platform for the textile and consumer products industries announced today the release of a Statistical Process Control Charting tool.  

Statistical Process Control (SPC) is a way to visualize your lab data to determine process capability and control limits. It is often used as a tool used to manage quality within manufacturing processes. 

Texbase creates X-Bar and R-Bar charts along with histograms. 

SPC Charting in Texbase evaluates test reports to create charts and visualize your data 

Optionally, you may include a specification in your chart data to display the maximum (T-Max) or minimum (T-Min) values as defined in the spec. Texbase Charting for SPC will always display calculated values for the X-Bar, R-Bar, Upper (UCL) and Lower (LCL) Control Limits. 

Texbase uses Add To Compare functionality to identify the data that will be charted.

About Texbase 

Texbase provides compliance, testing and material innovation software solutions that power great product experiences for the apparel, footwear and consumer products industries. Texbase is a pioneer in cloud software that tracks your research and development, manages testing from concept to compliance and connects you to your suppliers and testing labs.  

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