Texbase Recap of 2018 New Releases, Enhancements & Collaboration Tools

Nov 12, 2018

2018 has been a year of continued growth and innovation for Texbase!

Early in the year, Texbase introduced a new tool for Rapid Lab Test Data Entry allowing for hundreds of tests to be generated in minutes and has advanced the ability of Labs to import field level data directly into a Texbase record. You can review earlier press releases about these additions here:

Third Party Lab Test Data Integration

Lab Test Data Importer

We continue to expand options to improve collaboration both internally and with Texbase Connect vendors and improve the quality process through the below new features.

Test Plans: This new feature allows Test Plans to be created within a record to describe the quantity of testing needed and specification to be used when the testing need occurs. Test Plans are a new feature that provides for the definition of sampling plans that describe the quantity of testing needed, the specification to be used and when the testing needs to occur. Test Plans can be created by either Texbase users or Texbase Connect vendors and can be shared though Texbase Connect. Test Plans work in combination with Lab Test Data Importer, making it easy to generate Excel files to capture the test data used to satisfy the sampling plan.

Test Protocol Templates: Test protocols can now be saved as templates allowing users to clone previously created protocol definitions. Once you have a cloned protocol, it is a simple 4-step process to get your new test protocol configured and ready to be used.

E-Sign Lab Tests: Texbase users (and/or Texbase Connect vendors) now have the option of electronically signing a lab test to certify the results. E-Signing Lab Tests functions the same way as E-Signing Specifications and prevents the Lab Test from being edited once it is signed. Control the use of Lab Test E-signing from the Connect Security Grid

Vendor Created Specifications:  Now Texbase Connect vendors can create specifications allowing greater ability to collaborate and accelerate the speed of data collection. Texbase Connect vendors create specifications using the same specification details grid and test methods as defined by their customer. Texbase Connect vendors can only modify specifications that they have created. This functionality applies to all objects for which specifications can be created.

User Interface Updates have received positive feedback and users have noticed additional time-saving features such including:

Button Bar: We have added a button bar to the bottom of most pages in Texbase. The button bar is fixed on the screen and allows users to scroll up/down on a page and always have quick access to the Save and/or other important buttons without having to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.

Side Web Bar: We have enhanced the functionality of the side web bar that currently shows on the Fiber, Yarn, Component, and Fabric Pages. The side web bar can now be minimized and maximized by double clicking it. This setting will be remembered.

Help Icons: Additional mouse-over information icons have been added throughout the application, which contain expanded help content.

Bookmarks: Bookmarks allows you to save repeatedly accessed objects (Fabrics, Components, Yarns, Products etc.) to your home screen to allow quick and easy access to that object without having to search. Simply create a bookmark by checking the box on the button bar. 

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