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Arm Your Sales Team with Data

Your sales and marketing teams serve as the front-line to your brand. They strive to get your ingredients and technologies integrated into manufacturers, mills, and retailers. But are they armed with the information they need to seal the deal?

Other parts of your organization are masters of data – they serve as key knowledge points with information on use, capabilities, quality, performance, and compliance. They have millions of data points at their fingertips. Can they access the right data at a moment’s notice? Are they passing along critical information to your sales and marketing teams to grow revenue?

Our Texbase tools can help provide valuable information to your sales and marketing teams – quickly and efficiently. Your sales team can then easily communicate the unique value proposition of your technology to the brands and retailers, who are ultimately going to specify your materials, design them into their product, and pull your technology through the supply chain.

So give your sales and marketing teams a boost of information with Texbase. It will help drive sales, it can boost your brand, and it will increase your revenue.

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