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Last post : 1/29/2019

  • Empowering Your Teams to Be Successful

    We understand that managing in-depth, detailed projects is difficult, especially when you’re overseeing internal teams and external partners around the globe. The amount of data is exorbitant, and the organization required to manage this data can be tedious.

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  • Data: The New Supply Chain Currency

    When it comes to supply chain value, it’s measured by more than just your bottom line. Sure, margins and profits are an important part of business. But companies are starting to realize the true value of data. And when it comes to compliance, data can make…or break…a brand.

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  • Because Your Reputation is on the Line

    As an ingredient brand or technology supplier, you’ve worked hard to establish your credibility by delivering on consistent quality and performance. Your customers are probably even promoting the credibility of your brand in their own product marketing outreach.

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  • The Risk of Being Reactive

    Are your teams digging up data from PDFs and Excel documents to determine if you can support a product claim your company has already made?

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  • Arm Your Sales Team with Data

    Your sales and marketing teams serve as the front-line to your brand. They strive to get your ingredients and technologies integrated into manufacturers, mills, and retailers. But are they armed with the information they need to seal the deal?

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