Texbase Talks

Episode 4: Featuring Outsider Innovation

Marci Yamasaki from Texbase and Ben Galphin discuss how to integrate sustainability into sourcing and production.
Ben spent most of his early years outside, giving him an appreciation for our natural resources and beautiful places.  While pursuing his Textile Engineering degree at North Carolina State University, he worked in retail sales for a major outdoor gear supplier. This close, daily interaction with customers and manufacturers helped him develop an appreciation for the importance of the customer’s voice to a product’s success. 

Following university, Ben found a role in Patagonia, Inc., working with their renowned Quality Lab.  Through his time at the company he gained extensive hands-on experience working with international and domestic manufacturers, testing and developing technical materials and product, and eventually was responsible for the material innovation strategy for some of the company’s most technical material and product. 

Ben began Outsider Innovation, a company dedicated helping companies elevate product while reducing impact, whether Social or Environmental.

Outsider Innovation works with material producers and consumers in the Americas and Internationally to build better products, help companies reduce their load on the environment and transition towards responsible consumption.

Outsider Innovation helps reduce your company’s and product’s footprint by assessing and cataloging the manufacture and supply chain, helping find the social marginal costs and highlight cutting edge best practices or other avenues for product responsibility.

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