Suppliers and buyers save time, shorten the development cycle, and eliminate waste with MaterialFirst shared libraries.


Secure Double Opt-In

Secure Double Opt-In

allowing the supplier and the buyer to agree on exchange before data is shared.

Accelerate Developments

Accelerate Developments

with the ability to dynamically import object profile information directly into your Texbase library to speed development & eliminate dual data entry.

Access New Materials

Streamlined access to new materials

from your current suppliers with accurate real-time material data built-in.

Connect with Suppliers Icon

Easily connect with new suppliers

from our peer-curated list of industry-approved materials & products.

Search Material Certifications

Search Material Certifications

that meet your project initiatives and company goals.



Customize your sharing agreement at any time.


Reach more buyers

Share to reach more Buyers

A more efficient way to build your network. Share your materials with multiple brands at the same time.

Customize your Sharing

Flexible Sharing

Customize sharing agreement at any time. Keep things internal, choose exclusive brands or share with everyone!

promote your brand

Promote Your Brand

and increase customer orders.

Bulk Import

bulk import your data

and your images for streamlined set up.

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