Texbase delivers the tools that your development and sourcing teams need to engineer new materials.

Texbase Materials

For Your Team

Fiber, Yarn, Fabric and Component Libraries provide out of the box sophistication that establishes one central location for all the data you need to accelerate innovation while decreasing time to market.
The ability to clearly define performance, regulatory or chemical requirements is central to effective material development. Texbase provides the ability to customize, clone and e-sign specifications to drastically increase your probability of shipping high quality, compliant product.
Tracking developments to meet calendar deadlines is paramount to delivering great product on time. Texbase has the project management, dashboards and reporting tools to keep everyone on your team fully aware and updated on status, milestones and due dates.

For Your Suppliers


Intelligent specification templates define test methods and establish chemical and regulatory standards along with acceptable tolerances.


Performance requirements are clearly defined early in the development process to establish a clear understanding of intended end-use.


Texbase Connect speeds the transfer of data throughout the development process thereby getting to market faster.

For Your Executives


The most innovative brands use Texbase to drive innovation and gain both market share and brand equity.


Customizable reports allow senior leadership to understand organizational performance and risk mitigation.

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