Simplifies Supply Chain Collaboration

Texbase Connect provides secure collaboration between you and your suppliers, manufacturers, customers and independent testing labs.

For Your Team

Material Connect allows suppliers to directly add new materials to your libraries and update existing materials with new information at any time. Supports custom and required fields.
Implement consistent processes globally, to eliminate confusion and increase speed of commercialization, testing and certification.
You define the data fields for suppliers to complete in a simple set-it and forget-it configuration.
Custom reports mimic existing templates to display information in familiar formats while keeping everyone up to date.

For Your Suppliers

High Speed

Online communication with customers decreases time to market and builds business fast.


Customer information is stored in one location that is easily accessible and searchable.


Multiple subscription options are flexible and affordable with unlimited users.

For Your Executives

Reduce Costs

Reduce data entry costs, improve accuracy and timeliness of information preventing costly development delays.

Speed to Market

Suppliers enter and update data eliminating work for your team, increasing accuracy and accelerating speed to market.

Stay Secure

Granular security controls which suppliers have access to different functionality and data, keeping your information safe.

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