A full suite of tools that cover today's broad range of compliance requirements.

CSR Guardian

CSR Guardian adapts to the unique structure of a company’s Corporate Social Responsibility programs and practices to manage processes and centralize knowledge. Supply Chain Mapping tools provide a flexible identification system that provides for unlimited tiers while document broadcast capabilities efficiently communicate in mass mailings that are trackable and reportable. Auditing, corrective action and survey tools complete the unique capabilities that CSR Guardian provides.

M/RSL Guardian

M/RSL Guardian eases the challenge of managing multiple restricted substance lists and the quantifying test data and related certification documentation that validates compliance to chemical management programs. M/RSL Guardian allows clients to customize master lists, create specifications and consistently test and/or certify components or products against restricted substance requirements - throughout the global supply chain. Flexible reporting creates the output needed to satisfy third party requests for information.

CPSIA Guardian

CPSIA Guardian is a centralized data management solution to define testing plans, capture test data and generate certificates of compliance to satisfy CPSIA requirements. Start by simply and automatically generating COC's or use the full power of Texbase Materials, Testing and Connect to communicate requirements to suppliers and testing labs. Use component testing to reduce testing costs and ultimately link all relevant test data to specific product and geographical requirements. Certificates are a click away and will satisfy e-filing requirements as the law evolves over time.

Conflict Minerals Guardian

Conflict Minerals Guardian is a solution for managing the range of requirements associated with Dodd-Frank section 1502. The solution allows clients to implement an automated process of communicating with suppliers to determine if products contain conflict minerals. Supply Chain Mapping, Broadcast and Connect are utilized to securely and efficiently centralize the data and documents needed to ensure compliance.

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